Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission is a document that allows you to take one or more courses at another university as a visiting student and transfer the credit(s) towards your degree at UWO.  Letters of Permission must be approved by the Social Science Academic Counselling Office before you register at the other university. If you take a course without requesting a Letter of Permission, you may have to apply for re-admission to this University.


  1. You must be in good academic standing at U.W.O.  Students on probation are not eligible.
  2. You must have completed at least 4.0 courses at U.W.O. with an average of at least 60%. If you are in first year, you will be asked to verify your term marks.
  3. Special Students and students completing second degrees are not eligible.

Number of courses permitted

The number of courses permitted will depend directly on your overall average and the number of courses required to complete degree and program requirements. This Faculty's policy is: Average of 60%-64%, 2.0 courses; 65%-69%, 3.0; 70% or above, 4.0 or 5.0. You may be given permission to take a maximum of 5.0 courses during your university career.

Specific course information

Option courses can normally be approved by the Social Science Academic Counselling Office. The following will NOT be approved

  • courses intended to fulfill the designated essay requirements,
  • science courses considered below the 1000 level (eg. Math 0110A/B)

Departments prefer that module courses be taken at Western but some permissions are granted.
For example:

  • The Sociology Department requires that module courses be taken at Western.
  • The Economics Department requires that the course prerequisites be the same.

Distance Courses at Athabasca

Distance courses at Athabasca have flexible start and finish dates that don't necessarily match the normal sessions at Western.  If you are taking the Athabasca course as a prerequisite or program requirement, you must schedule the course so that your transcript will be available for review at the appropriate time.  Otherwise, your access to related Western courses or programs may be denied or delayed.

Residence regulations for graduation

You must complete certain courses at Western. You must complete at least 5.0 senior courses in a 3 year program or 10.0 courses in a 4 year program, 2.0 designated essay courses, and most of your module courses. (See the Academic Calendar for full details.)


For Winter Sessions in particular, we recommend that you consult Financial Services (Room 1100 Western Student Services, UWO, London ON N6A 3K7) to see whether you have to apply for OSAP through the host institution.