Adding and Dropping of courses takes place throughout the Academic Year. Various deadlines are set and are listed here as well as in the Academic Calendar under sessional dates. All deadlines are until 11:59pm EST on the stated date. Students are able to drop courses without academic penalty using Student Centre up until the drop deadlines listed below. 

Students requesting to drop a course after the deadline, may do so with academic penalty (the course will be recorded as a fail) and must submit a Course Change form to


2020-21 Fall/Winter Add/Drop Dates

Adding or Changing a Course:

  • First Term Courses (Sept. - Dec.)
    • September 17 - Last day to add/drop/swap by web registration (11:59pm EST)
    • November 12- Last day to drop a first-term half course (without academic penalty)
  • Full Course (Sept. - April)
    • September 17 - Last day to add/drop/swap by web registration (11:59pm EST)
    • November 30 - Last day to drop a full-year course (without academic penalty)
  • Second Term Courses (Jan. - April) 
    • Shortly after add/drop/swap ends in the fall, WEB registration opens for 2nd term courses.
    • If you are needing  special permission for any of the courses you want to add, you must allow time to process before add/drop deadline. 
    • January 12 - Last day to add online (11:59pm EST)
    • March 7 - Last day to drop a second-term half course

Unsure of whether you should drop a course? See our Things to Consider page.

Note: You are responsible for ensuring that your registration is accurate and complete. Ensure that you have satisfied the academic requirements for your program/module after you have completed any adds or drops. There are financial and transcript implications to dropping courses. For more information visit the Academic Calendar.

Special Permission

You will need special permission to take an overload, a course without the prerequisite, or a course at an Affiliate College.   If special permission is required, you must do so with Academic Counselling before adding courses online.  See the Special Permission website for procedure.

Course is full

If the course you want to add is full, keep trying to add it at random times/days through Student Center.  Departments monitor their enrolments and might add space.  Also you might be adding just as someone drops.  If the course is mandatory for your program, consult the department advisor of the course for advice. 

Tools to Help

Verification of Registration

Note: If you have not paid your first instalment or if payment arrangements have not been made, your Add/Drop form(s) will not be processed.