Fall/Winter 2020-2021 FAQs

Q: Will classes be held in-person or virtually?

To address physical distancing requirements, many of our classes will run online this year. Courses that are being delivered in-person, are clearly listed in the timetable.

Q: My timetable lists a weekly timeslot for my class, but it also says the class is online. Does this mean I need to log in to OWL or a videoconferencing platform (e.g., Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate) at that time?

If the class has a timetable spot listed, the instructor will offer at least some “synchronous” (e.g., all students together in a Zoom classroom) content. This may occur weekly or on a less regular schedule. The instructor will provide additional detail about when and how to connect with your class on OWL. Nonetheless, we ask you to keep that timeslot free in your schedule so that you can participate in classroom activities.

Q: What does it mean if my class notes list the format as “combined”?

“Combined” classes typically offer both synchronous (e.g., all students together in a Zoom classroom) and asynchronous (students access the material at times that are convenient to them) delivery modes for accessing the course content. That means you should keep your schedule free for “in-class” activities, as well as be prepared to spend some time learning on your own.

Q: If my class runs online, do I need to return to campus for exams?

If a Fall-term class is scheduled to run online (with either synchronous [all students together in a Zoom classroom] or asynchronous delivery [students access the material at times that are convenient to them]), students will NOT be required to return to campus. Instead, even if exams are scheduled for in-person delivery, students who are not in residence or located within a reasonable day’s commute (e.g., students not located in Southern Ontario) will be offered suitable assessment opportunities that can be completed virtually. These may include exams that are identical to printed exam versions, exams that have similarly difficult questions, provided in an alternate format (e.g., essay instead of multiple-choice exams), as well as non-exam assessment formats. Note that as with in-person exams, online exams may also be subjected to proctoring and additional scrutiny.

Q. If I'm not living in London and the exam is scheduled at a specific time of day (online), do I have to write it at that time? 

Yes, if it is a synchronous exam, all students must write at the time specified on the course outline. NOTE: The time will be Eastern Time. All students will be expected to write at that time regardless of living in an incongruous time zone.


For additional information and the latest updates, please see:

The Office of the Registrar

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