Required to Withdraw

A student who does not satisfy the minimum Progression Requirements for continuation of study at Western or did not meet the conditions of probation or who has exceeded the maximum number of failed courses allowed (6.0 courses), will be Required to Withdraw from the University for a minimum of twelve months.

Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements

A student who has been Required to Withdraw from the University and whose academic standing has been jeopardized by serious medical or personal difficulties may, if they have sought academic accommodation in a timely manner, apply for a Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements. A student granted a Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements must meet the specific conditions imposed in the Dean's Waiver.

Waiver of BMOS Program Progression or Admission Requirements

This form is used for BMOS students who have failed to meet the progression requirements for the program, or current students who wish to gain admission (or re-admission) to the BMOS Program. BMOS students are directed to bring their completed form to the DAN Management Program main office (SSC 4330). The Director of the program will review and make the decision.  

If you are not currently a Western student and are seeking re-admission to the University, see the Admissions website.

Should an appeal be made to Senate on the ruling of a Dean, such an appeal shall be considered on behalf of Senate by the Senate Review Board Academic (SRBA). See the Student Academic Appeals section of the current Western Academic Calendar.

The last day to submit an application is June 30.