Academic Absence and Accommodation

We understand that there may be times where you are not able to complete your academic responsibilities.

Please check your course outline to determine what is coming due and how much it is worth. For brief absences you should submit the new online Self Reported Absence on your Student Centre to notify your instructors. You will then follow up with them to make arrangements.  Further information can be found at Official Western Policy on Accommodation for Illness.

For longer term or more serious issues, you must submit documentation to the Social Science Academic Counselling Office. We will help you to assess your situation and to approve appropriate academic considerations. We will notify your instructors and you will follow up with them to make arrangements.

NEW! Online Self-Reported Absence

For any absence (except religious and varsity) up to 48 hours for course work 30% and under you should use the online self-reporting tool to notify your instructors. You will be allowed 2 missed 48 hours periods per academic year. Documentation is not needed for confirmed self reported absences.  Beyond two you must see an Academic Counsellor  and submit official documentation as outlined in part B below. See the official policy, Requests for Academic Consideration Using the Self-Reported Absence Form. The Self-Reported Absence form cannot be used for final exams, longer absences, or work worth over 30%.

To use the Self-Reported Absence Form please follow these directions:

  • Log in to Student Center
  • Click on the Self-Reported Absence link located on the right-hand side under Student Services Links.
  • Carefully read the instructions and complete the form, indicating each of the courses that you will miss during your absence.
  • Email your instructor(s) following your Self-Reported absence to discuss a new deadline/make-up date.

For further information, visit the Registar's website on "What is Academic Consideration".  It includes more information about the Reporting Tool.

Documented Absence through Academic Counselling

If your absence will be longer than 48 hours or worth more than 30% of the course work, or is for a final exam you must seek advice and approval from the SS  Academic Counselling.  Documentation will be required. To schedule an exam through the Accommodated Exams Office you will also need to submit the Registrar's accommodation form.  

Supporting documentation is dependent on the reason you missed and is outlined in each case below.

See the official policy, Requests for Academic Consideration (Procedures: section 4 and 5)