Common Situations

Illness and Compassionate Problems

If, on medical or compassionate grounds, you are unable to meet your academic responsibilities, i.e., unable to write term tests or final examinations or complete course work by the due date, you should follow the instructions on our Having Problems pages.

Examination Conflicts

Please refer to the Registrar’s Office link for examination conflict information:  

Students who have direct examination conflicts or multiple examination situations during the December mid-year examination and the April examination periods, will be emailed instructions, by the Office of the Registrar,  as to how to make alternative arrangements.

The Faculty of Social Science Academic Counselling Office will also accommodate Social Science students on Main Campus who have direct conflicts or multiple examination situations during the mid-term examination periods.

Note:  A December examination conflict involving a mid-term and a final examination will require the rescheduling of the mid-term, not the final examination.

Religious and Spiritual Accommodation

Always check the schedule as soon as it is posted. If your examination falls on a religious day or a spiritual ceremony, give notice by completing the Request for Academic Accommodation form and return to the Academic Counselling Office by November 15 for mid year exams and March 1 for Spring exams.

Sleeping in, misreading the schedule, flight arrangements

Professors are not required to set a Special Examination for these reasons.

If you are only half an hour late, you may be given permission to start the examination. Otherwise, contact the Department and the Academic Counselling Office immediately. You are expected to schedule vacations and flights that don't conflict with the examination schedule.