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Work Study Opportunities

Note: This position is offered through the Work Study Program.

Position: Academic Office Assistant

The Academic Counselling Office is the contact point for students seeking academic information and counselling in the Faculty of Social Science. The office houses printed materials and several computer stations. Students may drop in or arrange appointments. Our goal is to provide a friendly, supportive content to our students and to promote the courses and programs offered in the Faculty. By supporting students with counselling information and by making appropriate referrals, the Academic Office Assistant enables the Academic Counsellors to focus on assisting students with complex and confidential issues, thereby improving our overall contents.



  1. enthusiastic about the university community
  2. excellent communication skills on the phone and in person
  3. attention to detail
  4. effective time management skills and ability to multi-task
  5. ability to work in a fast paced environment
  6. ability to work in a team setting
  7. comfortable using computers, internet

Preferred Experience:

  1. Knowledge of student contents and Student Center sites
  2. Familiarity with resources students used to determine academic requirements and procedures (Academic Calendar, Registrar’s Office website, Social Science Academic Counselling Office website)
  3. Awareness of Western facilities and contents for students

Students must be on OSAP and eligible for work study to apply. Students do not have to be in Social Science.

Please bring resume to Gail Wright, Senior Academic Counsellor, Office of the Dean, room 9438, Social Science Centre.